Glasgow Kickboxing

Classes are based at the Gracie Barra Scotland Gym, a full time martial arts gym, on Tuesday 7.30 - 9.00pm and Thursday night from 7.00 - 9.00pm.

Class Format

Classes are split into two distinct parts; fitness and conditioning then technical work and sparring.  It's up to whether you come to fitness and conditioning or both. 

Fitness and Conditioning

We appreciate that not everyone wants to fight, in fact the majority of our students are primarily there to improve their fitness.  The first hour is purely focussed on fitness, combining padwork drills, high intensity intervals and circuit training.  We will ensure you are fit enough to fight - even if you choose not to.

Conditioning routines are changed regularly to prevent boredom but also to ensure progression.  Everything is designed to be scaleable so you do not have to be fit to start.   

Technique and Sparring

After the warm up we concentrate on technique work.  As our classes focus more on the sport side of kickboxing and practical self defence we use pads and punch bags to refine technique.  The class is typically split into ability levels during technical work.

Sparring takes up the last part of the class.  Sparring is optional and done in a controlled environment allowing students a chance to put what they are learning into practice. 


Fitness and conditioning only - £5
Both classes - £7

Kids Class (5 - 11 years)

The kids class runs on a Sunday from 10.00 - 11.00am at New Jennaration Studio, Unit 8 Tennant Avenue.  Classes are a different format to adult classes with the emphasis being on developing athletic ability and introducing kids to martial arts in a fun environment.  The kids syllabus is more structured than the adults classes.  The syllabus is designed to provide progression to give our students great fundemental skills and important building blocks such as coordination, strength, flexibility and fitness - essential in order to exel at whatever sport they choose.  

£5 per class or £18 per month

50% sibling discount or family discount for family members attending adults classes.